Great piece, Kavir! Love how you laid out the problem and how these AI tools worked for you.

At my last gig as an editor at TNW, before we published articles, we ran titles by the entire editorial team. It was always useful to see different approaches to crafting headlines - we'd see people add details, simplify the original headline so it was snappier and signal that it was a hot take, and push each other to avoid common forms like 'how to X' and 'Why X Y Z.'

Sounds like a competent AI tool could certainly aid in replicating that process, and it seems great for a one-person/small team project where you need all the help you can get.

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Yeah! Love that insight from you based on your editorial experience.

Writing compelling headlines — without resorting to excessive clickbait and common forms — is definitely a craft.

For a one person team, this AI is helpful to give me options in less time. I need to use my skill to then modify it to standout from the crowd.

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