I am working on a deep dive into a hot invite-only startup that was recently funded by a16z. This piece will be released next week, so that's my focus for now.

Excited to learn about what you are working on!

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I discovered no-code recently (april this year) and I told myself I'd try to a couple of no-code projects this year but I can't seem to move past the first because it's a very good idea. I've shared it here in the past (www.ecocatalogue.directory). I really feel I could turn this in a sustainable marketplace (think farfetch for sustainable goods) and I'm working hard towards that. I would love to know your thoughts on that.

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Hey Kavir, great idea and thanks. :)

I'm working on Producter (https://producter.co/)

Producter is an all-in-one product management software for product-oriented companies.

It offers teams a complete cycle between collecting feedback, managing tasks, tracking roadmap, and sharing updates.

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Aug 17, 2021Liked by Kavir Kaycee

We're working on Linx v6 (https://linx.software) - a low code developer tool for building backends such as APIs and integrations. New version has a host of 'developer friendly' additions to our IDE. Watch this space...

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Aug 16, 2021Liked by Kavir Kaycee

I'm building a Talent Matching service for Global Startups to find great African talent to work on long term projects.

Follow here 👉 https://twitter.com/JayYoms

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I read about curator economy early this year and wanted to work on something in that space. In June 2021, I started a newsletter called 10+1 Things, where I share 11 interesting, offbeat stories that are handpicked by me from the information universe. I have published 12 editions so far and I'm excited about writing every week.

In the latest edition, I talked about Digital Einstein, Fermi's Paradox, The Greatest Investor and How to build a Country.

Link: https://rishikesh.substack.com/p/digital-einstein-greatest-investor

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I've made billions of dollars of failures at Amazon.com. Literally. - Jeff Bezos

Around 90% of all startups fails but media only talks about the successful ones and mostly about the hyper-successful ones. This leads to anyone starting-up downsizing the risk and the cycle continues. I want to change that by bringing more failure stories in limelight and lessons we can all learn from those. And also changing our view as a society towards failure since we all know deep down that failure is the key to success!

I failed at my first startup and it was terrible and painful to reflect on those tough moments but once I let go of the fear of being judged and pull the strength to become vulnerable in front of people, I shared my journey and it was liberating. I know I am not alone in this, none of us are but at times after a big failure, people (specially entrepreneurs) feel lonely and helpless. I would like to try to change that through this initiative and let these guys know that they are not alone.

FEN (Failed Entrepreneurs Network) is a community for everyone who have failed in their journey of starting up and everyone else who wants to learn from them.

If you feel the need for this and want to be part of it, please fill this form(https://bit.ly/370nAWu) to join the community.

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My main project is an intelligent digital assistant for the nonprofit social services sector: https://share.islamicfamily.ca/transform. We're currently working on prototyping with our staff and hoping to develop a solution that will support staff to better serve their clients. This is my first product role, but I've worked in the nonprofit social services sector for 12 years and was a developer prior to that.

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